Hello, my name is Tam Dang. I recently graduated with my master’s degree in computer science at the University of Washington. My interests lie in machine learning, with an emphasis on natural language processing.

I am a master's alumnus of Noah’s ARK: a collection of researchers within the UW NLP group advised by Noah Smith.

I'm currently a software engineer at Xevo helping to improve the driving experience using NLP.

Here is my CV.

Here is how you can reach me:
    dangt7@uw.edu          +1 (206) 370 2981

You can also find me here:        


    My research towards better utilizing unlabelled, in-domain data for text classification.
  • Le Traducteur

    A neural machine translation framework built with AllenNLP.

  • Vectorized Viterbi

    A simple, fast part-of-speech tagger for tweets

  • GrapAL Verification

    A verifier for GrapAL queies using Rosette.